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Gibco® GlutaMAX™ supplement provides an alternative to L-Glutamine with improved stability and cell health. GlutaMAX™ supplement is suitable in both adherent and suspension culture of mammalian cells with no adaptation required. GlutaMAX™ supplement is offered as a 200 mM L-alanyl-L-glutamine dipeptide in 0.85% NaCl. GlutaMAX™ supplement is also available pre-supplemented in a variety of media formulations. Compared to L-Glutamine, GlutaMAX™ supplement:
Minimizes toxic ammonia build-up
Improves cell viability and growth
Remains stable across a wide range of temperatures
Minimizes toxic ammonia build-up

Unlike L-Glutamine, GlutaMAX™ supplement does not spontaneously break down to form ammonia. Instead, cells cleave the dipeptide bond to release L-Glutamine as needed. This system prevents waste build-up and maintains a fresh supply of L-Glutamine during long-term culture.

Improves cell viability and growth
Cultures with lower levels of ammonia show improved cell viability. In addition, culture conditions are more controlled due to the consistent concentration of GlutaMAX™ supplement that is not possible with L-Glutamine.1

Remains stable across a wide range of temperatures
GlutaMAX™ supplement is room-temperature stable and ready to use. GlutaMAX™ supplement retains full functionality for 24 months at room temperature, 2 to 8°C, or -5 to -20°C for convenient storage and handling. GlutaMAX™ supplement is even stable at 37°C for a week or more.1

Glutamine: GlutaMAX™-I
Form: Liquid
pH Range: 4.7 - 6.0
Osmolality: 440 - 500 mOsm/kg
Concentrated: 100 X
Product Size: 100 mL
Classification: Animal Origin-Free
Green Features: Less waste, Sustainable packaging
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

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